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Exceed customer expectations by delivering exceptional service across all channels.
  • Resolve issues more quickly with Copilot: Simplify your team’s work by resolving issues more efficiently with Copilot. Save time and effort by using Copilot in Dynamics 365 Customer Service to diagnose, troubleshoot, and create responses for customers.
  • Gain real-time insights: Empower teams with sentiment analysis, translations, transcriptions, and AI-recommended knowledge articles.
  • Connect with the right specialist: I enhanced first-call resolution with AI-based routing, which categorizes issues and directs them to the most suitable specialist.
  • Collaborate in real-time on Teams: Gather experts who have solved similar cases and collaborate on Microsoft Teams for faster problem resolution.
  • Provide AI-powered chatbots: Resolve customer issues in real-time with intelligent, conversational AI-enabled bots.
  • Offer conversational IVR: Quickly address problems through human-like interactions with conversational AI-enabled interactive voice response.
  • Self-service with automation: Boost productivity by automating routine and complex tasks.
  • Get answers from community portals: Collaborate, share tips, and gather valuable insights from other users and experts with personalized community portals.
  • Get supervisor insights: Access an omnichannel insights dashboard with AI-driven conversation and channel analytics and KPIs all in one place.
  • Discover training opportunities: Detect emerging trends and identify improvements in support topics, agent-customer interactions, and knowledge management.
  • Drive efficiency with automation: Eliminate manual processes with over 1,000 pre-built flows and add custom data connectors to your ecosystem.
  • Predict and plan team levels: Plan the right staffing levels based on seasonality, predicted case numbers, and conversation volume using the forecasting reporting feature.
  • Build on an open and extensible platform: Reduce costs by leveraging existing resources and interoperability with other business applications, all on one platform.
  • Set up voice channels: Quickly configure telephony systems for agents to assist customers on a scalable platform built and operated by Microsoft.
  • Enhance digital engagement: Provide faster service to customers on their preferred digital channel: via email, SMS, social media, or virtual assistant.
  • Offer real-time translation: Communicate efficiently with customers in their preferred language using real-time translation.
  • Use sentiment-based routing: Based on customer emotions and needs, always route the case to the right agent.
  • Get a complete view of customers: Seamlessly manage customer requests across any channel while handling multiple sessions simultaneously.
  • Authenticate with biometrics: Use voice and behavior recognition to quickly and personalized verify customers’ identities.
  • Analyse sentiment: Provide tailored responses with AI that monitors customer engagement and understands customer intent in real time.
  • Know customer journeys: Gain insights through customer interactions and journeys to personalize offerings and recommendations.

Discover how Dynamics 365 Customer Service can revolutionize your customer relationship management.

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