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Electronic Document Management

Kinix specializes in SharePoint electronic document management consulting, assisting companies like yours in implementing solutions that enable efficient storage, organization, and sharing of documents, ensuring the integrity and accessibility of essential information for internal processes.

How Kinix Consulting can assist your company!

Ease of Access

Personalized implementation to meet your specific needs and objectives.

Advanced Search

Search system that enables users to search for files in a simple and effective manner, similar to searches in web browsers.

Efficient Migration

Efficient migration, converting existing documents in the old system to PDF. All files have been transferred to our system hosted on SharePoint, ensuring quick and simplified access

Enhanced security

Our team has extensive experience in implementing security measures to protect your data against cyber threats.

Project Completed


Transform your document management processes and save time and money.

Decrease in office material costs: Elimination of the need for large volumes of paper, ink, toners, and other supplies for printing and physical storage of documents.

Optimization of physical space: Reduction in the need for cabinets, shelves, and other spaces for physical document filing.

Lower labor costs: Automation of repetitive manual tasks such as searching, organizing, and archiving documents, freeing up employees for more strategic activities.

Secure document disposal: Elimination of costs associated with the physical destruction of confidential or expired documents.

Quick and easy access to documents: Instant location of documents through advanced search tools, filters, and specific criteria, optimizing the time spent searching for information.

Efficient document sharing: Facilitated collaboration between departments and teams, with instant document sharing via digital platform, eliminating the need for physical copies and streamlining workflow.

Improved internal communication: Greater clarity and agility in communication among employees, with centralized access to updated company documentation.

Process automation: Automation of repetitive tasks related to document management, such as approvals, electronic signatures, and notification sending, freeing up time for more strategic activities.

Protection against document loss or damage: Secure storage of documents in a digital environment, with automatic backups and protection against unauthorized access, minimizing the risk of loss or damage to important information.

Strict access control: Customized access levels defined for each user, ensuring that only authorized individuals have access to confidential information.

Complete traceability of actions: Tracking of all actions performed on each document, from creation to deletion, providing greater control and auditability.

Compliance with laws and regulations: Facilitation of compliance with laws and regulations related to document retention and disposal, such as the LGPD (General Data Protection Law).

Quick access to accurate information: Provision of updated data and information in digital format, facilitating analysis and strategic decision-making based on concrete data.

Complete document history: Access to the complete history of each document, from creation to the latest modifications, allowing for a comprehensive view of the context and workflow.

Generation of reports and indicators: Automatic generation of performance reports and indicators related to document management, providing valuable insights for process optimization.

Reduction in paper consumption: Significant decrease in paper usage, contributing to forest preservation and reducing the company’s environmental impact.

Decrease in energy consumption: Lower energy consumption compared to physical document storage, contributing to the company’s sustainability.

Promotion of ecological practices: Reinforcement of the company’s image as an organization committed to sustainability and social responsibility.

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