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Kinix completed a project for a prestigious national industry, where they used Power BI to analyze sales.


Increase in sales conversion


Time reduction


Increase in accuracy


Greater visibility and control

Project Completed



Previously, the management of customer purchases depended on a multitude of department-specific Excel spreadsheets, leading to challenges such as duplicated purchases and the loss of records for supplier quotations.


In order to improve the process, we consolidated all Excel spreadsheets into a singular PowerApps application, functioning as the primary data source. Additionally, we effectively transferred historical data to the application's integrated database. Subsequently, our focus shifted towards processing this data and generating visual representations, including charts, to streamline management and analysis tasks for the Purchasing team.

Integration With ERP

Throughout the project's progression, we recognized the importance of integrating data sources from SAP. Despite the client's decision not to consolidate these sources within PowerApps, we recognized the necessity to establish this connection. Following an initial development phase, we effectively enabled our Business Intelligence (BI) system to extract and interpret information from SAP.


Following the system implementation, the sales team identified a gap in acquiring essential materials for one of the production lines. Simultaneously, they noticed an abundance of materials with lower consumption rates. Based on this observation, they took measures to reallocate resources more effectively, directing available funds towards the most critical products. Consequently, this initiative resulted in heightened resource utilization efficiency, thereby enhancing the overall utilization of the available budget.

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