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Kinix conducted a project for a renowned national industry, incorporating a PowerApps application for the new supplier request process.


Increase the Number of Registered Suppliers


Reduction in Approval Time


Reduction in Typing Errors


Greater Efficiency and Productivity

Project Completed



At the beginning of the process, we identified the limitations of the client's old method. These issues included slow approval responses, having to manually enter data into SAP even after the requester filled it out, and dealing with problems caused by lost email communications.


As we began working on development, we observed that several fields in the spreadsheet could be removed without affecting the procedure. This optimization contributed to enhancing the efficiency of the process.

Integration With ERP

Upon the completion of the entire visual aspect of our project, the only remaining task was the integration with the company's ERP system (SAP). We devised an integration whereby, upon the completion of the approval process for the new supplier, an automatic registration was initiated in SAP.


In less than three months, the new system was implemented and adopted company-wide, leading to an average reduction in the time required for registering a new supplier from approximately two weeks to less than a day.

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