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Power BI

Kinix specializes in Power BI consulting, assisting companies like yours in turning data into actionable insights that drive results.

How Kinix Consulting can help your company!

Streamlined data collection

We simplify collecting data from various sources for unified analysis.

Clear data interpretation

We turn complex data into understandable insights using advanced analysis, aiding organization-wide understanding.

Impactful insight communication

We craft custom reports and interactive dashboards for clear, impactful communication and organizational alignment..

Continuous market trend monitoring

We provide real-time analytics for ongoing tracking of market trends, customer preferences, and competitor activities.

Project Completed


With Power BI, you can revolutionize your company's data analysis, unlocking profound insights and guiding more effective strategies for sustainable business growth.

Implementation of data warehouse, data lake, and data integration solutions.

Creation of reports, dashboards, and customized applications to meet your specific business needs.

Development of machine learning and artificial intelligence models to predict trends and make smarter decisions.

Development of solutions to manage and analyze large volumes of data and make data-driven decisions.


Our solution is particularly suited for companies with a large amount and volume of data, requiring scalability of resources and the implementation of a robust and efficient data architecture. We unify the data and Big Data platform, aligning it with your company's strategic objectives.


Our solutions allow for the taking of informed decisions based on your datasources. We understand your company's current context by leveraging available data history and tracking real-time information most relevant to your business.


Our solutions are ideal that wish to advance into Data Science, seeking advanced predictive and prescriptive analyses. If your company is looking for more specialized resources, both in terms of qualified professionals and technology, we can help you achieve your goals.

Now, you can rely on custom applications
to optimize your company's operations.

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