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Kinix specializes in corporate intranet consulting, assisting companies like yours in implementing platforms that foster collaboration, communication, and internal information sharing, optimizing workflows, and increasing operational efficiency.

How Kinix Consulting can assist your company!


Organize documents, news, and resources in a central location, facilitating access and preventing dispersion of important information.


Collaborate in real-time on documents, easing reviews, and enhancing team efficiency.


Automate business processes, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing human errors.


Facilitate internal communication through blogs, news, and forums, keeping employees informed about company updates and important events.

Project Completed


Increase productivity, enhance communication, and optimize your processes with the SharePoint platform.

Implement SharePoint Intranet, a centralized platform to keep your employees informed, fostering a culture of collaboration and boosting productivity. Our specialized team provides personalized support to meet your needs. Request a no-obligation quote and propel your business forward now!

This platform offers dynamic, personalized spaces for each project and team, simplifying file, data, and news sharing. Additionally, you can tailor your workspace to meet your team’s specific needs.

Collaboration becomes easy and secure, connecting team members across devices. Discover how SharePoint can transform the way you work, promoting more effective and productive collaboration throughout your organization.

Boost productivity by streamlining tasks from simple notifications and approvals to complex operational workflows. Harness the power of SharePoint’s robust lists and libraries, combined with Microsoft Power Automate and Microsoft Power Apps, to create advanced digital experiences. Develop intuitive forms, efficient workflows, and custom applications tailored to each device. Unleash your team’s potential with cutting-edge technological solutions!

Embark on a new era of collaboration and learning within your organization. With the intranet, access collective knowledge instantly. Utilize our powerful search tool and intelligent methods to find vital information with just one click. SharePoint manages content seamlessly, while valuable connections and discussions on Microsoft Viva Engage accelerate knowledge dissemination. Unleash the power of knowledge at your fingertips and propel your team’s growth!


Now, you can rely on custom applications
to optimize your company's operations.

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