Changing the Future with Technology

8 Years of Experience

Kinix is a specialized company dedicated to delivering customized technological projects and solutions for medium and large-sized companies worldwide. Proudly presenting eight years of experience, Kinix holds a team of Microsoft application specialists who collaborate closely with clients to seamlessly integrate strategies, processes, personnel, organizations, sectors, and technologies into each project. At Kinix, our mission is to enhance the success of our clientele through high-quality consulting services, business management system development and implementation, and support. Drawing upon experienced and dedicated professionals, we offer agile, adaptable, and effective solutions meticulously crafted to address each client's unique requirements and propel their business growth.

Luciano Martins

Kinix CEO

Luciano Martins serves as both the founder and CEO of Kinix. Bringing with him over 18 years of experience in the technology industries. He holds a degree in Computer Science with a specialization in Big Data. Guided by his leadership, Kinix delivers comprehensive solutions in  application development, network security, and data analysis customized specifically for medium and large-sized enterprises. Luciano is recognized for his entrepreneurial vision, impeccable work ethic, and advanced technical proficiency. His passion for innovation drives Kinix’s growth and success in the field.

Kinix Services

Kinix is a certified Microsoft Customer Relationship Management Partner, specializing in the Customization, Support, Implementation, and Training of Dynamics 365 and Power Platform solutions, integral components of the Microsoft Business Applications Platform.


Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Platform, and SharePoint


Dynamics 365, Power Platform, and SharePoint for users, administrators, and developers.


Maintenance of the Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Platform, and SharePoint platforms.

Work with a leading and certified partner in Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics CRM solutions.