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Kinix successfully concluded a project for a renowned national industry by implementing Power BI for analyzing quotations.

Improved data search and visualization.

Sales breakdown with enhanced visualization.

Agility in analyzing quotations and sales transactions.

Greater Efficiency and Productivity

Project Completed



The analysis and management of quotations generated within a specific period were conducted using searches and date filters within Dynamics 365 Sales. Following analysis by the team and meetings with the company's sales team, it was concluded that the project would be excellent for obtaining these quotation metrics.


Initially, we collected all the Excel files that had been developed and consolidated them into a single PowerApps application that provided the data. Following this, we migrated the legacy data to the database of this application and began working on the data, as well as developing visual charts, with the goal of creating a managerial view for the purchasing team.

Integration With Dynamics 365 Sales

The integration of Dynamics 365 Sales and Power BI delivered a comprehensive and seamless solution for data analysis. This integration facilitated the direct extraction of quotation data from Dynamics 365 and its incorporation into Power BI, enabling detailed and real-time analysis of information.


After implementation, the sales team observed a shortfall in the acquisition of materials essential for one of their production lines, along with an excess of less consumed materials. Consequently, they reallocated the budget towards the most essential products, thereby enhancing the utilization of their funds.

Microsoft Power Bi

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